Why do we do what we do?


Wilderness Wellbeing is built purely from a passion for being in nature that we both embraced from an early age.

Our memories are fresh with the beauty and energy we feel from walking in the bush, trekking up and down hillsides, with the native birds, trees and plants surrounding us. After our treks we would share the stories of our adventures – the Heroes we are.

These memories are imprinted in our mind and body for life. They have brought forth a change in our life careers, a united venture to walk in the footsteps of our uncle and father, Sir Edmund and Rex Hillary. Both had such an amazing zest for life, that real human connection, and the spark to do what they enjoyed and loved doing – sharing this with people to make a difference in their lives.

Hilary and Su have come to realise this is what dreams are made of. We have always believed in the saying “if you can dream big, you can also do it big, if not bigger”! So we are here with our share of dreams, stories and adventures that have helped us reconnect to ourselves and to nature.  We would love to be part of your journey too.


Meet The Team


Hilary Carlile –Wilderness Wellbeing Guide, mBIT coach, PMP professional and Transformation shifts practitioner






Hilary is a change manager, coach and mentor. She has led groups to Nepal and India since 1990.

Her first trip to Nepal was in 1975 to assist in the building of Phaphlu Hospital with her two Uncles. She had first-hand experience of her family’s passion for and commitment to the Everest/ SoluKhumbu region and contributing to its people.

She loves the majesty and energy of the high Himalayas and the generosity of the Sherpas. They truly appreciate the gift of health, education and infrastructure that they have been active partners in co-creating with the Himalayan Trust, which Hilary has been an active member of for a period being Vice-chair.


She also revels in the beauty and energy of this wonderful country she lives in – New Zealand. Each trip to the Himalayas involved a rigorous training programme in our beautiful energising bush. It is a great place to be connected to yourself and nature supported by the intelligence and wisdom of some of our oldest plants and trees.


Hilary is passionate about providing opportunities for people to reconnect to themselves through the experience of being in the New Zealand Bush and through this process enabling people to learn and grow. Wilderness Wellbeing brings together her passions and experience in:


  • leading groups to the Himalayas,
  • being a change manager and project manager in the health sector,
  • her exploration of the New Zealand bush, and
  • her own journey of growth and learning.

Hence the birth of Wilderness Wellbeing – a powerful experience of reconnection.


How she arrived here

Hilary has worked in the healthcare and information technology sectors in New Zealand, as a professional project manager, change manager, coach and mentor. The areas she has worked in include breast screening, oral health, mental health, aged care, hospices and health IT.


The health field is no stranger to Hilary. She grew up in a health-orientated household in England; her father was a general practitioner doctor and her mother, a New Zealander, a clinical psychologist. As a family, they had many debates over the effectiveness of the healthcare provided under the National Health Service.


At a time in her life when she thought there must be more to life than the life of a hectic change & project manager Hilary had a change in direction or more accurately a return to her life path. She discovered the holistic health modality BodyTalk did produce results. She and her husband witnessed with the disappearance of his chronic long term back pain! This started a new journey, as she established her holistic health practise, to which she brought her business experience and knowledge of the health sector. She loves seeing the results her clients achieve as they move to a balanced life and increasingly take charge of their own health and well-being.


Hilary is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and a NZNFE Diploma holder. She uses a number of modalities to support her client’s healing path. She is an Advanced BodyTalk practitioner and has been practising since 2006. She has studied Anatomy and Physiology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for BodyTalk. She is also an Accunect and Atua Mana practitioner. She uses the supporting technologies of MindScape and Linking Awareness.


Su Hillary – Wilderness Wellbeing Guide and mBIT Coach







Su’s passion is to make as many people aware that happiness can be grabbed even when times are tough, when people don’t know which way to turn or who to talk to in times of stress.

From an early age she remembers walking in the bush with her aunt Hilary (now business partner) and really appreciating the New Zealand bush.

A time away from the modern city life allowed her to be in “adventure mode”. On the trail they would share stories and then other memories would come flooding back triggered by the adventure they were having together.


Wilderness Wellbeing was a natural extension of this.


She uses the experience of her life to guide you to think about yourself and your future asking you “What next?”, and “How will you get there?”  If you ever find yourself asking yourself these questions then she is the person to go and talk to.


Su is the proud mother of 2, who knows what it is like to run around like a headless chicken. Finding that “Me Time” is very important for her and her family. She has a personal saying: “Happy Mummy, happy Family”. She understand the stresses in which women and men are under on a daily basis, what with work, after school activities, running a household and keeping that unity of married life and relationships intact. It’s a lot to think about and having quality time as a couple with no children is a battle in itself!


Su has a 14 year background in health care. She enjoyed working with the elderly and their families in making the last stages of elderly life an enjoyable and pleasant time for both. In working with people she has discovered something unique about herself – what she calls “open listening”. In her terms what it means is “truly being able to listen to the other person’s stories without making judgement, without the interruptions of her own stories, to truly honour what the other person is feeling and empathising with what they are going through”.


She is an mBIT coach. mBraining (aligning our three brains) is a powerful coaching framework.


She is here to guide and be of service to those who need her. With an open door policy, a friendly smile and being a heart centred person you will always feel welcome and will find it easy to open up to her.



Roger Goodman – mBIT coach, Project Management mentor and coach, Project Management Trainer

Roger loves training and mentoring people and seeing them learn and grow.

His mentoring makes a difference to your growth as a leader and project manager and to the outcome of the project – from strategic projects to challenging projects.

His focus is on people mastering leadership and management skills so they can use them straight away. His approach is interactive and experiential. He says “The best way to learn about leadership and management is by doing it with a coach or mentor on hand to guide you through”.

He actively uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) psychometric instrument with case study role plays to facilitate learning leadership skills.

Roger share’s Hilary’s love of the New Zealand Bush and commitment to contribute to the people of the Himalayas. He has been active in supporting a number of Sherpas to complete their training in Kathmandu so they are able to go back and contribute to their community.

Roger is senior leader and mentor for the Project Management Institute (PMI) New Zealand’s leadership mentoring program. He is recognized as a master of team management and leadership who generate powerful, successful teams – an ingredient vital to the success of any project.

He is an active member of the New Zealand Chapter of the PMI; being a former Vice President, Director of Public Relations and currently a mentor for leaders of PMP study groups. Roger was regional director of the Asia Pacific (Region IV) of the Risk Management Specific Interest Group.

Roger has lead public and in-house training programmes for over ten years in Singapore, Malaysia, China, The Middle East, New Zealand and Australia. He has been trained to lead a wide range of leadership and project management courses by ESI International and Management Concepts Inc. of the United States.

Roger studied medicine at Monash University and majored in Genetics and Biochemistry at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) (1999) and accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) consultant (2001) through the Australian Psychologists Press. Roger gained his Masters Certificate in Project Management from Regis University in 2005.